SysML Project History Analysis

See when changes happen

qwitto Analytics provides you with an overview of your system model change history. See at which time of your system model lifecycle there is a lot of activity and when changes have happened.

qwitto Analytics allows you to link the work done in your system model to project and development milestones.

SysML Model Change Tracking

See where changes happen

qwitto Analytics helps you to keep an overview of all changes inside your SysML model. See which areas of your project are actively worked on and where changes have happened.

This helps you keep track of the lifecycle of your system models.

Review/Lifecycle for MBSE

Track the lifecycle state of your system models

qwitto Analytics provides you with a lightweight solution to keep track of your system lifecycle. Integrate reviews to manage the lifecycle of system models and ensure their quality.

qwitto Analytic allows you to ensure the quality of your system at every milestone and release.